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St. Germain's Trust - Message 2

We have never been closer and never been as united. The amount of courage each one of you have had to invest because of a worldwide vision is indeed commendable. Thank you for your extreme patience and for your positive focus.

Private groups have, of course, the best opportunity for future exchanges. Those who are dealing with the Chinese are going to delight with an interesting and fulfilling prophesy. Time is of the essence and each one who has a great and magnetic group will be honored and uplifted. When will this take place? Within two or three months. After that people on the other side will encapsulate new energy for transformation. For it was spoken in the beginning that God, St. Germain, Gabriel, Lord Maitreya, Sananda, Jesus and Lord Sandalfon will unite with you to assist you in rebuilding a throne in which to thank the Universe for reaching into the coffers.

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