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Cambridge's Who's Who

Best American Psychics

Ashtara is featured in Cambridge's Who's Who as one of the top 101 experts in her industry.


Below are the exerpts:


Biographical Narrative


Ashtara Sasha White, owner of the Healing Light Center, is a prophet, psychic, teacher, minister, and has profound healing abilities as well. She has helped many people heal and rejuvenate themselves – first by recognizing their ailments, then by providing healthy living advice and healing. Other services Ms. White provides includes public speaking and administering Reiki courses and transformation classes. She is also the president and founder for Campaign for the Earth, a foundation that promotes the sustainable development of the earth through bringing grassroots leadership together to help promote a world that works.


Over the past 25 years, Ms. White has spoken at churches and various groups, traveling extensively to teach transformation and ascension. As a prominent speaker, she has spoken at the Learning Light Foundation in California and was the keynote speaker at their annual Angel Conference. During a spring festival at Mount Shasta, California, Ms. White was a featured speaker to almost 2,000 people in attendance. She has also spoken at the Agape Church in California; CenterPoint and the Carmel Temple in Houston, Texas; the Namaste Center in Boerne, Texas; the Chapel of Light at Lake Whitney, Texas; and Unity as well as other various types of churches – to name only a few. Currently, she is the founder of the School of Ascension and Healing Light Center. Sasha also manages to divide her time between hosting private sessions, leading courses and seminars, and traveling to speak at special events and expos.

Biographical Interview


What is the most rewarding aspect of your calling?


Ashtara considers the most rewarding part of her journey, helping other people. She finds healing minds, bodies and spirits transforming. People are most grateful when a pain ceases. Yet, when someone feels that they cannot hold on any longer, Ms. White can usually “gift” them Angelic Messages to uplift their spirits.


What are all the areas you consider yourself an expert in?


Her specialty is in health, healing, and using a vast psychic ability to assist people. She tunes into levels that others are in awe of. People in distress come to see her. Generally, she finds that they leave fulfilled, happy and blessed. Sasha White, Minister of Spiritual Teachings and leader of the Healing Light Center and School of Ascension also speaks on topics including: Meditation and Prayer, What Happens After We Die, Gabriel and the Angel’s Teachings, the Masters of the Far East, Beyond Earth, the Teachings of the Masters/Angels, Creation/Co-Creation, Consciousness, the Teachings of Michael the Archangel, Twin Flames and Soul Mates, Relationships, Intuition vs. Doctors and Drugs, Prophesy, Love Conquers Fear, Karma, and hundreds of others of a unique nature.


What is your Greatest Professional accomplishment to date?


Ms. White’s greatest lifetime accomplishment is a profound movement she began in 1989, named Campaign for the Earth. This worldwide campaign went around the globe and grassroots people from over a hundred countries came together. Never has there been such a response from men, women and even children. Each of the dedicated people who were a part of this effort resonated with properness and decency. All had a bountiful spiritual dedication and wished to gain solidarity and resolution that would allow the world to be without struggle or discord.


The result of a global team, such as this, is an example of a healed society. The vision of Campaign for the Earth spread far and wide. There were many groups who formed their own organizations and joined within this movement. They fostered and promoted a sense of global fellowship and respect as part of the mass intent.Ashtara presented Campaign for the Earth during Global Summits each year in Sedona, Arizona, Gothenburg, Sweden, New Harmony, Indiana & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the years 1989 to 1992. She was instrumental in bringing grassroots leaders together to help envision new opportunities for the environment as well as other sectors of society such as education; economics, business and trade; spirituality and religion; government and politics; personal growth; social issues and human rights; media, arts and entertainment; health and wellness; science and technology; family and community; cross cultural relations; and campaign communications and networking systems.


Joseph F. Kennedy, author Gary Zukav, composer Marvin Hamlisch, the late distinguished actor, Dennis Weaver, global economist Hazel Henderson, Claus Nobel of the Nobel Peace Prize family; the Dignitary, Mr. Al Gore; former NASA astronaut Brian O’Leary; author and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard; Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr. Robert Muller; Past Director of the U.N. Environment Program, Dr. Noel Brown; and former Paris Bureau Chief for Time Magazine, Thomas A. Sancton were all a part of the International Campaign for the Earth.


The International Advisory Board members included those listed above as well as Eileen Caddy, founder, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland; Michael Harbottle, author, “The Two Faces of Peace Building”; Al Huang, founder and president, Living Tao Foundation; Hans Keller, author, “Who Is Who in Service to the Earth”; Daryl Kollman, president, Cell Tech; Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Saybrook Graduate School; Sven Lunden, Humanistic Forum, Sweden; John Robbins, Baskin-Robbins; Nancy Rivard, president and founder of Airline Ambassadors; the late Dr. Rajmi Mayur from India, assistant to the ambassadors of the United Nations; and a myriad of others.


Today, Ms. White’s humanitarianism continues as she speaks at many conferences, trade shows and expos, and appears on radio and television programs.


What are your short and long term goals and what steps have you taken to achieve them?


Ms. White’s short term goal is to move her small center into central Austin to connect on a broader scale. In the upcoming decade, she plans to write texts and books.  Some of them are from her skilled intellect, as well as gifted from an Angel.


What advice can you offer fellow professionals who are in spiritual healing?


Words of wisdom for those along a spiritual path: listen to your intuition, reign from your highest power, renounce everything that does not work in your life, and keep your body toned and aligned. Remember how appropriate it is to have a good time. Some questions to ask yourself are: “Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, and “Where am I going?”  These are answered within our School.


What are you passionate about?


Ms. White feels that people on earth are to shift and transcend. Thus, she is passionate about transformation, and also about love. Every day when Sasha looks at life, she says she feels a passion within herself for every bird and flower, each cloud formation and every ocean or mountain; for within each person, a deity lies to give us breath on earth.  She gives thanks.


What is your motto?


Transformation and change is the name of Ms. White’s soul. She is a person who feels the connection in all of life’s structuring. Her motto is, “Let go of the past, and remember to allow God in your life, for He is always there with an almighty upsurge of awakenings for you and yours, awakening human dignity and purpose. Never allow self to rule; always allow a higher consciousness to transcend the body, brain and spirit. Go with the flow, and the flow will never let you down.

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