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CDs of Seminars

Ashtara has given hundreds & hundreds of wonderful talks over the years.  Below are her most recent ones available for you to enjoy.  

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"I wake up to Ashtara's voice on her CDs as I drive to work.  It's an amazing way to start my day.  I feel so blessed to be able to learn so much and feel so connected as I start my day."

Kimberley H. - Austin, TX

"I started the CDs and I'm LOVING THEM!"

Deborah T. - Virginia

"I ADORE listening to Ashtara's CDs!  I always feel so uplifted with what the Angels have to say!  Sometimes I just yearn for a nice long road trip so I could relax and soak it all up!"

Aisha C. - Austin, TX

"Thank you Ashtara for the divine connection and reflecting you emit to link us all to our divine essence and the comfort in knowing that we are never alone.  I listen to my CDs every day.  They are a great reminder that we are very little matter and always connected to the galactic core of our essence."

Nancy H. - Austin, TX

Four Stages of Ascension


When a person appears to be "taken" by the light, they gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding of others because they have become ILLUMINATED.


People everywhere are becoming more enlightened because of the amount of light incarnate we get during group meditations.  Each time we meditate alone, we are filled with more peace, encouragement, grance & Enlightenment.


Each embodiment of the light finally reaches a state of mind which transcends ego, emotions, even wisdom, education, mediation, etc. which entitles more deity and fulfillment within.


When a person decides to dedicate themselves to God, the angelic forces formulate masterful, practial, plentiful, enriched and purposeful teachings that the high teacher gives them.


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