Ashtara's Art

Dance of the Crystals
This Native painting denotes the unusual, yet frequent, melody which transcends human consciousness. The variations enhance each rhythm and blues ceremony in the clouds. Pick your stone and hold it in your heart. Then let it go and you will be illumined. Transcendence awaits us at the Threshold.
Your friends, Jesus and Ashtara
Shamballa, A Dipiction
This is a Shamballa. It stands for an abundant, flowing and magical lifestyle. As you picture yourself there, we are there too. The Ascended Masters, Ark of the Covenant Archangels and MAGICAL MAITREYA. Blessings from the Light, Ashtara
Paris in Springtime
Paris in the springtime is a sight to see. On the other side there are depictions that incorporate many theatrical performances, candle light dinners, magic tricks & everything else you can imagine.
When we finally make our transitions, we hold the Light for our loved ones still on earth. Those who are still earthbound are precious souls who have given their lives and total freedom to help heal Mother Earth & her people.
Take a trip to The Beyond & Master Hilarion will take you.
Prince, the Unicorn
METATRON THE ANGEL, wishes to say that UNICORNS are one of the Masters symbols. They symbolize Unification, Embodiment and Super Mystical Awareness for all of us.

In METATRON'S MULTI- DIMENSIONS he has millions of beautiful, colorful and electric Unicorns for us all to see as soon as we get to go to the Other Side of life.

This is a caption of THE BLUE PRINCE, one of METATRON'S precious Unicorns that he keeps by him at all times.
Horse & Carriage
The horse and buggy looks like it is a storybook picture. It brings out the child within. Will you take a ride with the Angels? They are waiting for you to join them. The Angel GABRIEL will take you where you want to go. He loves you🌹
Dine with the Masters
Will you dine with The Ascended Masters and Saints Above?
Will you take the hand of Jesus, Mother Mary, et. al.?
Will you follow your Passion?
Will you decide upon a matter and be determined about it?
Thank you.
We love & worship each of you who are dining with us tonight.
Your Brother, ASHTAR & your friend Ashtara
Somewhere In Time - The "Awakening"
Humanity is awakening because the Angels and Ascended Masters are opening our Crowns and giving us Ascended Messages. Translate, compare, diagnose each sentence you think you hear. Thus, ENLIGHTENMENT is upon you. This painting is from Ashtar's Command via Ashtara's hand.
Home Sweet Home
As we nestle down, our CROWNS ENCAPSULATE. As we form triangles and other symbols, we activate the THIRD EYE and eventually incorporate many mansions in the sky.
The Cat
Relaxation, calm and centered are you as you peer into this cute little painting. Notice the cat and reflect. With your reflections you can be surrounded by unconditional love, bliss and everlasting peace. I am the Light which dwells within. Metatron
The Child Within
The mind has thousands of thoughts, hundreds of pictures or symbols. This picture via Sandalfon & High Master Zeus is a conglomeration of precious thought forms and sometimes people get pictures in their minds of mothers and daddies, of growing up and planting a flower together & making sure it has water & allowing the child within to come out and play. Me & my unseen teachers want to take you by the hand & lead you into a Garden of Pure Thought. While you look at this cute painting...
The Crown
Archangel Sandalfon assisted me in this magnanimous CROWN. When the adept reaches a certain apex in their Ascension, the Crown blasts open generally with the assistance of their unseen Teachers. At that point, the person usually gains insights. They also receive Enlightenment and some of them attain MASTERY.
The Piano
My Teachers on the Other Side have told me that I was supposed to have taken piano lessons when I was young. My mom offered them to my older sister, Precious Sandie, and she didn't like them. Therefore, Mother didn't offer piano lessons to me or my sister. Archangel Michael helped me with this design. So this colorful piano is for me.
Tree House
My beautiful mother, Marce White, always wanted a Tree House. My wonderful Dad, Bob White, built one for her at Lake Whitney. It was screened in on all sides. It had beds, tables and chairs, everything to make us comfortable . It was a dream come true. It had a deck where you could walk all around it. We had picnics in it and sleep overs. Those were the good ole days for sure. I love you Mom, as you are on the Other Side, you too, my Dad, Bob White, may we have a Tree House on the Other Side.
Cinderella's Dancing Shoes
ASHTAR and I enjoyed painting Cinderella’s Dancing Shoes for YOU!!
Native American Dance of Life
This beautiful Native American Dance of Life was painted by Maitreya and me. Enjoy the fragrance and messages from your Teachers on High as you choose your feather.
Coffee House
ASHTAR and I want to share our new COFFEE HOUSE painting. It is so nice to receive inside guidance as we paint together.
Stairway to Heaven
It was a fun morning completing painting & coloring this picture with Archangel Raphael.
Going Home
I had a lot of fun today painting/coloring this picture with Archangel Michael. He would get my hand, select the color and show me where to put the color. 7/26/16
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