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Creating World Peace

World peace is imminent. It means “ending the world” at least as good as it began. And if you remember, it began with a beautiful garden, I do mean beautiful.

To help bring about world peace the Ascended Masters are asking at least 100 individuals to say: “We are ending turmoil and generating world peace.” We are asked to do this for 28 days in a row at 8PM (no matter what time zone you are in) starting now.

And because you are receiving this information I, ELOHIM, am gifting this prescription. It is supposed to only take 28 days to discover that someone has laid down their arms or something has happened.

So send this to your friends if you will, and let people know that God’s Team is asking for people to just quickly think about ending turmoil (we like that word better than “war”) and then those thoughts go into our atmosphere and we boomerang the thoughts back to you as BLISS.

We are called the New Group of World Servers. You are the people that were birthed at a particular hour in time to arrive to bring about peaceful conditions and transformation.

Thank you

From Elohim

Via Ashtara

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