The Chapel of Light is a beautiful center that was built in Whitney, Texas by the lake. It was created by Ashtara (Sasha White's) mother, Marce White, in the 1970s. Over the many years it has been open, the Chapel has been host to many great speakers, teachers, healers and mystical people. Ashtara has been one of them. She used to hold her School of Ascension there before she moved to Austin, Texas in 2004.


Since then, the Chapel has undergone quite a bit of remodeling and its activities lightened for a while, though the Meditation room in the original Chapel always remains open and some major meetings have stayed constant through the renovations. As each phase of remodeling has reached completion, additional activities at the Chapel have commenced.

Chapel of Light


Fountain of Light - Inside the Center

Chapel of Light - Original Building with Rainbow Windows

Ashtara Sasha White speaking at the 2013 Chapel of Light Conference

Chapel of Light - Inside the Original Building with Rainbow Windows

Tree of Life etched onto the glass - Inside the Center


Inside the Center