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Ashtara's Name

Ashtara has been known as "Sasha GABRIEL White" or just "Sasha" for the majority of her life. It has only been recently that she has begun going by the name of "Ashtara" instead.


This came about during the summer of 2010 when Ashtara was teaching one of her Sound Current Seminars.  During the break, she went to her altar as usual and while there Sandalfon began to speak to her.  


Sandalfon told her that it was written in her Akashic Records to go by the name of "Ashtara" during the latter part of her life. Sandalfon asked Sasha if she would please do so and go by the name of "Ashtara" from then on.  Sasha was quite surprised by the request, but has done as the Masters requested. Ever since then, she has been known as "Ashtara" and we have worked to inform everyone and update all of her advertising and articles to reflect that.Thank you so much each and every one of you who has been kind enough to call her by the name the Light has selected for her.  We appreciate you so much.

Ashtara Sasha White
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