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Ashtara's Bio

Ashtara Sasha White is a Master Teacher of the Light, Speaker, Profound Psychic & Healer, Prophet, Intuitive, Mystic and Channel.  


Before Ashtara began her amazing sojourn with the Angels and Master Teachers, she was visionary and founder of Campaign for the Earth and produced four international conferences. The vision of Campaign for the Earth spread far and wide.  Ashtara was not only instrumental in bringing grassroots leaders together to help envision new opportunities for the environment but also other sectors of society such as education; economics, business and trade; spirituality and religion; government and politics; personal growth; social issues and human rights; media, arts and entertainment; health and wellness; science and technology; family and community; cross cultural relations; and communications and networking systems.  There were many groups who formed their own organizations and joined within this movement.  Everyone involved fostered and promoted a sense of global fellowship and respect as part of the mass intent.


Joseph F. Kennedy, author Gary Zukav, composer Marvin Hamlisch, the late distinguished actor Dennis Weaver, global economist Hazel Henderson, Claus Nobel of the Nobel Peace Prize family, the Dignitary Mr. Al Gore, the late former NASA astronaut Brian O’Leary, author and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Dr. Robert Muller, Past Director of the U.N. Environment Program Dr. Noel Brown, and former Paris Bureau Chief for Time Magazine Thomas A. Sancton were all a part of the international Campaign for the Earth.


The International Advisory Board members included those listed above as well as Eileen Caddy, founder, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland; Michael Harbottle, author, “The Two Faces of Peace Building”; Al Huang, founder and president, Living Tao Foundation; Hans Keller, author, “Who Is Who in Service to the Earth”; Daryl Kollman, president, Cell Tech; Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Saybrook Graduate School; Sven Lunden, Humanistic Forum, Sweden; John Robbins, Baskin-Robbins; Nancy Rivard, president and founder of American Airline Ambassadors; the late Dr. Rajmi Mayur from India, assistant to the ambassadors of the United Nations; and a myriad of others.


With Ashtara at the helm of the Campaign, four productive international conferences were produced. 


The first conference – The Founding Convention – was held in Sedona, Arizona in November 1989.


The second conference – The Emergence of a New World Strategy – was held in Gothenburg, Sweden in October 1990, with delegates from 22 countries.


The third conference – The Convergence of Global Teams – was held in New Harmony, Indiana in March 1991.


The fourth conference – Campaign Citizen Summit – was convened as a parallel meeting to the government’s during the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development in June, 1992 in Brazil.  The Citizen Summit represented a broad and diverse leadership among the NGO’s and citizen sector delegates to the ’92 Global Forum.


Ashtara/Sasha was invited to present the activities and vision of the Campaign for the Earth at two United Nations functions.  On Earth Day, April 22, 1990, she delivered a “Toast to the Earth” at a UN reception honoring astronauts and cosmonauts in New York City and again before the General Assembly on World Environment Day, June 5, 1990.  In September 1990, Ashtara introduced the Campaign in Istanbul, Turkey at the United Nations Roundtable on Global Development Challenges, held under the patronage of His Excellency President Turgut Ozal of Turkey.


This worldwide campaign went around the globe and grassroots people from over a hundred countries came together for world transformation.


After her work with Campaign for the Earth, in 1996, Archangel Gabriel, Jesus, God, Raphael, Uriel, St. Germain, Ashtar, Metatron and others began working through her 24/7.  From that moment on, Ashtara has channeled hundreds of Master Teachers and Arc of the Covenant Archangels.  Because of this her psychism is advanced. Ashtara was asked to meet with Larry King regarding her ability. Mr. King embraced her wisdom and realized she is a woman with extraordinary talent. 


Ashtara resides in Austin, Texas where she hosts her School of Ascension at a variety of locations. Today, she spends her time giving Private Sessions.   She is a conduit for the Light Systems who work through her.  She also is writing her books, leading courses and seminars, and traveling to speak at special events and expos.


For more information, visit Ashtara at or call (512) 278-0559 or email


Ashtara also has a column "Dear Ashtara: Messages from your Angels & Master Teachers" that is like "Dear Abby" only psychic with questions and answers featuring the ideal messages she gives in Austin All Natural magazine that you can pick up for free anywhere in Austin.

Ashtara Sasha Whie
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