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Hahobe / The New World


In the beginning when thoughts became things, thus, it was deemed that there would be 5 EARTHS and they would be named.

There were 2 Earths before Lemuria. The first was to develop the water systems, the second developed plant life. Then came Lemuria, Atlantis and finally, Mother Earth/Gaia.

It was God who said, we shall have a NEW WORLD, NEW JERUSALEM that will go on for eternity. We will call it HAHOBE. God said that he could see the fulfillment of those who attained on Earth (as it is in Heaven). And that those Earthlings who attained an advanced and high metaphysical and spiritual lifestyle would be refined, as well as, devoted. He further stated that we would know this NEW WORLD as HA-HO-BE.

HA because of their laughter.

HO because of becoming holistic beings.

BE because they have learned to become the LIGHT while walking on planet earth.

HAHOBE has multi-dimensions. It is several trillion times larger than our earth. It is encased within STARGATE which is one of the most beautiful, elegant and fulfilling places on the other side. The atmosphere is nothing like our earth because the air is not as dense. Therefore, our bodies are built with elementals that can make us appear or disappear. Normally, we are clothed in gorgeous garments. There are restaurants, theaters, live entertainment, concerts, etc. if that is what you wish for. Incidentally, most of you helped to build STARGATE eons ago. You also were “writing the script” for the NEW WORLD/NEW JERUSALEM that is called HAHOBE.

By Ashtara


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