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Hire Ashtara to Speak

Ashtara Sasha White

Ashtara is a Prophet, Psychic and Phenomenal Teacher

If you would like to amp up your Event or Workshop attendance, ask Ashtara, she will electrify the group! She specializes in Psychic Phenomenon. She is on the radio and television frequently.


She specializes in Leadership Abilities / Trainings / Conferences

As a prominent Speaker / Teacher, Ashtara is featured in "Cambridge Who's Who - Top 101 Industry Experts". Ashtara also has a column in a popular Austin magazine called "Dear Ashtara" (like "Dear Abby") that is very well known with people writing in from all over to get Ashtara's advice.


Ashtara is an inspired motivational speaker who has an exhilarating manner.

Her words are electric and audiences are mesmerized when she speaks. Ashtara's topics are vast. You will be so pleased that you have invited her to your event. Ashtara has been speaking for many years and has presented to standing room only with hundreds and hundreds in attendance. She can also cater to intimate gatherings with seasoned professionals or select invitees. She is brillant when guiding students and adults alike. However your special event is arranged, Ashtara can masterfully accommodate.


To book Ashtara for your event, please contact her at:

(512) 278-0559 or email

Corporate Speaking Topics

  • Leadership

  • Career Incentives

  • How To Stay Healthy

  • Positive Thinking

  • How to Stay Youthful

  • Diet Makes A Difference

  • The Difference Between Men & Women

  • Symposiums Based Upon Your Relationships & Trainings

  • Releasing Your Energetic Field of Resonance

  • Science & Fiction Within Earth's Atmosphere

  • Peace On The Planet

  • Psychic Phenomenon

  • Is It Really The End Time On Earth?

  • A World That Works for Everyone

  • A Mystic's Approach To Shamanism

  • Atlantis

  • Prophesy

  • UFOs & Other Phenomenon

  • On Your Road to Success

  • Prosperity and Abundant Living

  • The New Millennium & Your Role Within It

  • What the Future Holds is Better than We Think

  • Wise Parenting

and hundreds more...


Spiritual Speaking Topics

  • What Happens After We Die

  • Angelic Answers to Your Questions with Divine Messages

  • Ascension

  • Relationships & Flameships

  • Angels Among Us

  • Cell Regeneration & the Reversal of Aging

  • Ashtar & Outer Dimensions

  • Unification

  • Oneness

  • Ressurection

  • Transcendance

  • Light & Love Combined with God's Plan for Earth

  • Stargate

  • Atlantis

  • Lemuria

  • Shamanism

  • Twin Flames

  • Mystic Traveler

  • In the Light

  • The World is Abundant When You Begin to Believe

  • Transformation

  • The Pleiadans

  • The Giants in America

  • Metaphysics and the Arc of the Covenant

  • Disciples of The Christ & The New World Order

  • Journey to Enlightenment

  • The Order of Melchizedek

  • Dance of the Hierarchy

  • Telepathy via the Ship

  • Light Incorporation with the Holy Body

  • X-CALIBER - Master's Teachings on Ascension

  • Enlightenment

  • Spirituality and You

  • The Clear Light of God

  • The Other Side

  • Awakening of the Crown

  • Feminine Divine

  • Beyond and Beyond

  • The Alchemical State vs. The New World Expression

  • The New Jerusalem

  • Prophesy, The Next Decade

  • Embodiments

  • Jesus' Teachings of the Far East

  • Passions, Relationships and Patterns

  • The Rainbow Ceremony

and hundreds more...


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