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January 11, 2017

To the Magical People that I Know,

      As you embark upon your particular "EVOLUTIONARY TRAIL", remember that you have more "SHIFTING" to do, or not.  Perhaps you are in a UNITED AND RESONATING PARADIGM SHIFT and you are allowing yourself to be a leader filled with ambition and fortitude because you feel like you have a destiny to fulfill.  These messages are generally from your ascended saints above.

      This grandiose year, 2017, is truly one of the moments to gather momentum, become an X-CALIBUR with the LIGHT (God and His A-Team) and re-member "Who We Are", "Where Did We Come From" and "Where Are We Going"? 

      We are a Humanity who is awaiting an Almighty Presence to enter into our ASCENSION PROCESS.  Ascension and Shifting are equivalent.  They have a translucent, magnanimous and unapproachable path.  Ascension means that the "earthling" begins to "hear" messages in their BRAINWAVE.  Thus, he/she becomes more evolved.

      What 2012 & The Beyond is all about, is that people worldwide are going to receive what we call, Ascended Messages for the rest of their lives.  Twenty-five years ago the X-CALIBURS from the other side began to ascend certain "spiritual people" first.  Thus, books, seminars, columns, films, declarations, personal stories, etc. shall follow.  These are the first editorials of THE NEW WORLD. 

      Those of us who are "trailblazers" and have been global activists, authors, writers, speakers, healers, etc. are to be commended.  Thus, the "MAGICAL PEOPLE" that I am sending this to are absolutely included in that particular RHYTHM IN THE LIGHT.  Eventually, there will be many millions of people who are learning from their Ascended Saint(s) from the other side.  The hundredth monkey effect is now taking place as it has been prophesized by God. Meaning, soon every human on earth will "receive" messages in their brain and will be anointed by their High Teacher.  At that point, the earth will finally become the NEW EARTH and the NEW HUMAN will become the REVOLUTIONARY WAVE which happened at the time that Atlantis became a SUBSTATION for earth to reincarnate.  Thus, sayeth, the Lord God.

      My personal, mystical journey is portrayed somewhat in my website, (for those that knew me before Archangel Gabriel began speaking conversationally to me in 1996.)  Now, there are numerous ascended saints including God, Raphael, Jesus, Metatron, Sandalfon, Michael, Elohim, Ashtar, Mary, Quan Yin, Sanat Kumara, Zadkiel, Hilarion, Melchizedek, Uriel, Zeus, The Godhead, that speak to me and through me all of the time for the last 20 years.  Little did I know that this would happen to me.  And, I am so glad that it did because I am happy that I can carry the message to those who have been in line for this since The Beginning.

     I am pleased to announce that I have moved to a wonderful, gorgeous and peaceful lakefront house on Lake Travis in Austin.  My ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA who heals, teaches profound messages, classes, seminars, etc., answers everyone's questions and awakens and fulfills them through me is somewhat of a phenomenon.  

     My plan is to finish several of the books that I have been writing while I am living in this wonderful environment.  It is peaceful and serene with almost 2 acres around me.  What a fantastic place to nest, write, relax and enjoy.

     As a prophet, I would like to surmise a small picture of what the next several years will look like. 

     People of the world are going to "listen and receive".  Therefore, they will eventually become one with the spiritual hierarchy, the archangels and the beloved Jesus, himself.

     They will eventually "tap into" a grandiose plan for their life even if they think they know what they are going to be doing.

     More books will be written during the next 18 years as a NEW ARCHIVE which was prophesized in The Beginning, sayeth, the Lord Michael.  Some of the major topics will be about:

     Ascension is what Jesus taught and what he said we would be teaching.

     Mountaintop Experiences

     Transcendence becoming a "topic" to understand, finally.

     Enlightenment is happening to everyone who is ascending into the Light.

     Mastery becomes second nature to those who are "masterful" and always "honoring the                    process", as well as, learning how to play while working.

     Illumination has swept the planet during the past three years.  It means that everything has

          illuminated, transcended & enlightened.  Thus, transfiguration/shifting is a result of the

          meaning of ASCENSION.

     The Other Side

     The Beyond

     People will be more in tune, aware and conscious because of their "voices within". 

     The planet is ascending as we ascend. 

     Consciousness and average intelligence will begin to become a wellspring of "news from the here and ever after".

      As I write this, I feel very honored to have been associated with so many spiritual and enlightened individuals who are creating and planning their particular new, old and great pathways.

Forever in the Light & Beyond,


August 23, 2016

     The situation at large has two components:

  1. China and other places like the Philippines, Indonesia and Africa have united this afternoon.

  2. People all over are making plans to RV. 

     This means that exchanges will have to take place.  I can’t say “stay tuned” because there will be no signals and signs of this particular RV.  Therefore, each person will have to either “tune in” to their higher self or via a Private Sector which is staying in close touch with people in China. 

     Take this as a great Message from St. Germain, Lord Maitreya, Gabriel, God, Hilarion and the Master Jesus. 

Yours in the Light & Beyond,


August 17, 2016

       We have never been closer and never been as united.  The amount of courage each one of you have had to invest because of a worldwide vision is indeed commendable.  Thank you for your extreme patience and for your positive focus. 

       Private groups have, of course, the best opportunity for future exchanges.  Those who are dealing with the Chinese are going to delight with an interesting and fulfilling prophesy.  Time is of the essence and each one who has a great and magnetic group will be honored and uplifted.  When will this take place?  Within two or three months.  After that people on the other side will encapsulate new energy for transformation.  For it was spoken in the beginning that God, St. Germain, Gabriel, Lord Maitreya, Sananda, Jesus and Lord Sandalfon will unite with you to assist you in rebuilding a throne in which to thank the Universe for reaching into the coffers. 

August 11, 2016


      In the beginning when thoughts became things, thus, it was deemed that there would be 5 EARTHS and they would be named.

      There were 2 Earths before Lemuria.  The first was to develop the water systems, the second developed plant life.  Then came Lemuria, Atlantis and finally, Mother Earth/Gaia. 

      It was God who said, we shall have a NEW WORLD, NEW JERUSALEM that will go on for eternity.  We will call it HAHOBE.  God said that he could see the fulfillment of those who attained on Earth (as it is in Heaven).  And that those Earthlings who attained an advanced and high metaphysical and spiritual lifestyle would be refined, as well as, devoted.  He further stated that we would know this NEW WORLD as HA-HO-BE.

      HA because of their laughter.

      HO because of becoming holistic beings.

      BE because they have learned to become the LIGHT while walking on planet earth.

      HAHOBE has multi-dimensions.  It is several trillion times larger than our earth.  It is encased within STARGATE which is one of the most beautiful, elegant and fulfilling places on the other side.  The atmosphere is nothing like our earth because the air is not as dense.  Therefore, our bodies are built with elementals that can make us appear or disappear.  Normally, we are clothed in gorgeous garments.  There are restaurants, theaters, live entertainment, concerts, etc. if that is what you wish for.  Incidentally, most of you helped to build STARGATE eons ago.  You also were “writing the script” for the NEW WORLD/NEW JERUSALEM that is called HAHOBE. 

By Ashtara


The Light System, Sandalfon

The Light System, Ashtar

August 8, 2016

            The Masters, Angels, Deities wish to inform those who are involved with currencies like Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and others that the time is now to focus on positive and universal energies.  There is a flow, as well as, a unique time to center and let your inner teacher surround you with love and light. 

           Each of you is unique, special and equipped with a certain magical DNA which you are given at birth.  That is why we do not give up. 

           The exact moment for exchanges is upon us.  Whether or not we are following articles, conference calls, etc. we are still in the flow with St. Germain.

March 20, 2014

     World peace is imminent. It means “ending the world” at least as good as it began. And if you remember, it began with a beautiful garden, I do mean beautiful.

     To help bring about world peace the Ascended Masters are asking at least 100 individuals to say: “We are ending turmoil and generating world peace.” We are asked to do this for 28 days in a row at 8PM (no matter what time zone you are in) starting now.

     And because you are receiving this information I, ELOHIM, am gifting this prescription. It is supposed to only take 28 days to discover that someone has laid down their arms or something has happened.

     So send this to your friends if you will, and let people know that God’s Team is asking for people to just quickly think about ending turmoil (we like that word better than “war”) and then those thoughts go into our atmosphere and we boomerang the thoughts back to you as BLISS.

     We are called the New Group of World Servers. You are the people that were birthed at a particular hour in time to arrive to bring about peaceful conditions and transformation.

Thank you

From Elohim

Via Ashtara

January 23, 2014

          The Universe is our supply.  Therefore, Galactic Federation, Ashtar’s Command, Archangel Michael & his Command, Jesus & his grouping, GABRIEL & The Light Brigade, as well as, Hilarion, Sananda, Maitreya request that we take the next month to realize that universal supply is within us.  And that when we make a decision to conquer a plan that supersedes our conscious thoughts, like the universe is our supply, then we are on top of SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS.

          Our thoughts are ideal things.  Those thoughts manifest within months but not longer than two years.  That is the supreme test for Earthlings, Manifestation/thought processes/even heartfelt emotional feelings/spiritual guidances/spiritual experiences/and, thoughts overpowering feelings all express Manifestation.  During meditations or stillness begin to harmonize with nature and the things around you.  Think about Manifestation/alchemy knowing that what one thinks eventually boomerangs back even if it is two years from the moment it was first thought or spoken about.


June 17, 2013

ASHTAR’S COMMAND requests the following:

  1. Be loving and sincere.

  2. Be of service to humans, animals, etc.

  3. Go your merry way rejoicing every day and then “We, Upstairs” will rejoice with you.

Each of these requests are for the following month.  Thank you angels, masters and saints.  When you receive your own guidances, you will understand the true grit of love, devotion, understanding, etc.  Not that you do not understand these energies now, but just wait until the month is over and you will understand more compassion, unconditional love and adoration towards all.  Greetings from the INTELLIGENCIA & galactic federation from the other side.

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