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Private Sessions

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Ashtara offers amazing

Psychic & Medical Readings

with Instant Healings. 

This is what is included in her "regular" Private Session.  

She also offers a variety of other Sessions

(Mediumship, Past Life Readings, Akashic Records, etc.)

that you can see below.  


Sessions are typically scheduled: 

Monday through Friday from 12PM-5PM.  


For details and to schedule a session:

Call (512) 278-0559


Private Sessions are recorded for you because they are quite detailed.  

A CD of your session will be mailed to you (and we can email it as well).


Ashtara also speaks and gives Private Sessions at a variety of Expos, Festivals, and other Special Events in and around the Austin, TX area.  When she is requested out of town she always offers Private Sessions in whichever city she is visiting/speaking in.  Please see her Upcoming Events to see if she will be in a city near you soon.

Types of Sessions

  1. What is an initiation

  2. Which initiation you are on at the present

  3. How to assist you in completing your ascension

  4. How to build an Altar with your Master Teachers

  5. Perhaps you will hear Teachers from the Other Side speak to you during the session

  6. Messages from your Teachers

  7. Do you often feel that you cannot do anything but help others, heal and serve? This is one of the first steps to ascension. You are in the right place at the right time.

  8. Who you are in the Light, plus 1-2 Past Lives

  9. Cleanses, as needed

  10. Questions Answered


Length:  1 hour 15 minutes

Ascension & Psychic Reading

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