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Give someone you love a Profound Reading & Instant Healing with ASHTARA as she brings through your highest Master Teachers and Arc of the Covenant Archangels via a Phone Session.  Private Sessions are 1 hour in length.  Sessions are recorded & the audio of it will be emailed to you. (A physical CD of your Session can also be mailed to you for $10 to cover shipping & handling.)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS (v2) Gift Certificate - 1hr Phone Session

  • You will receive a PDF of this Gift Certificate.  Email it to the person you are giving it to.  Or print it out on a regular sheet of paper (or nicer cardstock if you prefer).  The Gift Certificate fits nicely at the top of the page.  You can make one cut and it will fit perfectly inside a business-sized envelope.  Or, don't cut the page and simply use the bottom portion as space to write a special note if you'd like.  If you do use the whole page, you can easily do a standard 3-fold and again fit it inside a business-sized envelope without creasing the Gift Certificate image!

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