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Medical Advice from Shamballa

We wish you to know that Gabriel designs from the heart of Shamballa.  He also designs from the rainbow of Melchizedek.  God allows us to transform in a particular manner.  Cleanses unite the cell of each one of our human anatomy...physical, emotional, spiritual.  The tri-level cleanse will summon the student/patient to heal.


Whenever the Ark of the Covenant promotes a medical intuitive on earth, the person receiving the information is aligned with us.  Whenever the person receives from "Me" the aspirant receives a gift.  Each time Ashtara maintains a pure existence, she allows the King who is guiding the man or woman to a healthy body.  Because each person who cleanses gets a DNA reenactment we feel that clinics world wide are not treating humanity to the fullest healing.  Therefore, if you prescribe to this method, you surely will cleanse.  As a result, you will eventually maintain a healthy existence.


So, get out your pads and pens and get ready when the teachers summon your particular method.  Each transcript will be your particular design.  Make sure that you follow it to the end.  Each one of the people who have tried to cleanse/be better, obviously still have healing to do.  Therefore, the Ultimate Authority wishes for you to buckle up and not doubt.  If you can do this We can promise your total rejuvenation.

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