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Every time "We Upstairs" determine who is in line for a change that aspirant is called to the session.  You could say that it is a soul encounter.  And you could say that it is for your highest and best good.  You could also say it is for your "Cell Rejuvenation".  This is also why we have established our Healing Light Center in Texas as a Fountain of Youth program designed for you.


Whenever a person undertakes a life enhancement with Us they are deeply grateful.  Letters upon letters are received from people around the United States that are thrilled with the first initiation to Cleanse The Holy Temple.  Europe is included with future planning.  Worldwide connections are at the Master's fingertips.  This means that God is in charge.


God is in charge because when we feel "called" we don't always understand who has issued the impulse.  The impulse would be - not only for your Soul's guidance, it could be directed by the Great White Brotherhood (now known as the Brothers of Love and Light).  Remember, there are no coincidences when "we are taken". 


The moment of birth of the new form depends upon when we actually hear the call.  You may ask yourself, did I get it last year and did not move?  Was that the Message I felt when I was meditating last fall?  And perhaps someone suggested I design my life around a particular example.  Was it a still small voice from within?  Or was it my own Master Teacher summoning me?  Whatever the case, God is in charge.

Your Destiny if you Cleanse

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