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"Dear Ashtara: Messages from your Angels & Master Teachers"

Ashtara is a noted columnist in

"Austin All Natural" Magazine

and has been for many years.


Like a "Dear Abby", though spiritual, her column, "Dear Ashtara: Messages from your Angels and Master Teachers" features questions submitted by her readers with answers given by their Angels.


The magazine can be picked up for free in Austin at places like Whole Foods and Central Market. To see this month's column, go online to to view the magazine online.

"Dear Ashtara" Column - Angel's Intro


Many people are being guided today. A few of those are psychic as well as shamans, teachers and mystics. People are aware that they no longer need alarm clocks. It seems that they are being awakened by their inner voice/angel within because the Angels say that alarm clocks are disturbing to our central nervous systems. Approximately 2/3 of humans today are being awakened in the morning by their "protector". This is taking place worldwide, aren't we now lucky!


This column is to summon questions to your lives. Whether they are relationships, relocations, careers, health, body cleanses or even stocks. Each subscription will be filled with answers from the Master Teacher or Angel who is guiding that particular person asking the question.

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