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Cell Regeneration

Popular as it may seem...the cells in our body are apt to age.  Therefore, humans understand that most of their peers leave Earth.  Why not me?  Ancients emphasize the importance of cell regeneration and mystics including all of Us reading this, meaning the New Age of Melchizedek's Order, reign.  In the reigning, we are encouraged to develop our light system.  Go about it however we will.  But do it.  For if we don't, we will be reckoned with after we leave the planet.


Melchizedek encourages Ashtara to erect her system via the Hierarchy.  When the Masters are able to peer inside of our system physique why not listen?  They understand the complexity of death versus life/aging versus youth and cells regenerating in proportion to longevity.


They understood you before you were born.


How is it that we can perceive a united Earth, and yet not understand the principle, "as Above, so below"?  The devout and the divine within each one peering into these messages exemplifies a student ready to Receive.


Whenever the mountain top experience happens in one's community we network.  Melchizedek understood this.  Please take a moment to examine your temple/body.  After which time understand breathwork, body-building, dietary planning, colon therapy, veins unclotted, mucus deposits released, brains cleansed, eyes therapeutically released, nostrils free from debris after 20+ years, tracheas almost twisted are semi-collapsing with mucus and pus (if any), eventually clean; larynx same, stomach versus tiny abdomen; heart in rhythm; pulsing through every principle we have learned; knees, ankles, bones, wrists, etc., free; joints as well.  In other words, a healthy existence which promotes longevity and abundant well being.


"Please take a moment to examine your temple/body."

Am I Too Old?


Early 40's, no.  After that, we must explore the depth of your diseased state if any.  Private Sessions/BrainWave promote a unique scanning procedure that can issue a number of various cleanses which enhance your well being.  It may take weeks to several years to completely regenerate.  Regeneration after all, is up to you following the procedure.


When is it too early?  No need for teenagers to cleanse the cells.  They may wish to deep breathe, loose pounds and inches; empty the colitis/a mild colon cleanse advisable.  Assimilation can shut down as early as 12 1/2 years.  Digestion generally wanes when one depends upon "fast foods".  Meat products, egg yolks, refined sugar, complex carbohydrates, including corn, grain, macaroni, split peas, and rice (any kind), these complexities are bulk in the colon.  Any fiber, such as wheat, spelt, rye, are the second type of bulk.  For those who are, or believe they are allergic to wheat, pasta is the highest form of complex wheat to enlarge the upper intestine.


Believe that you can achieve your goals.  Nothing is too important.  Value your food intake.  Pray.  Believe that you can achieve your final reward on Earth.  Perfected States are Our Name in the Light.  Believe and Ye shall undertake great changes within your Holier Than Thou Body.  Temptations shall persist.  Pass them.  Do not flunk these complexities.  For they are yours in the light.


We Upstairs denote percentages of humans never find their food groupings.  If you are certain types of O verses A you must understand, one is vegetarian and the other is not.  If you think that your blood type denotes your particular grouping then you will reap beneficial rewards.  If you do not have your grouping, understand that you too are being influenced by your community at large.  Consider yourself a great vortex as well as a brilliancy in the Light.  Consider yourself a resource, what are my main addictions?  Where does my hand go, sugar or salt, carbohydrate or protein?  What do I feel like I must ingest before I go to bed, if anything?  If I don't feel like I must have anything, it is likely that I have supplied myself with excessive amounts before going to bed.  In other words, if one goes to bed and feels "not" null, then the body can rest and be lifted into a telepathic receivership during the rest of the evening.  Masters proclaim each adapt accrues too much "food/junk" during a four to nine hour period mainly from 12:00 PM to 6:00 - 9:00 PM.  An appropriate amount of food during the afternoon would be an apple, an orange, some peaches, grapes, apricot, a banana.  Pine nuts in the evening, avocados and potatoes are good and not too starchy.  Because of their great fulfilling nature, the foods just prescribed are some of Gods purest.


GABRIEL'S DESIGN TEAM Upstairs incorporates Light in a way that each individual understands the exact food groupings that they assimilate and or digest.  This is an alchemical process designed by God.  A lot of people, after a period of weeks, begin to hear Gabriel's Voice.  This voice can gift you the necessary food groupings for the afternoon and evening, when you adhere to them for a period.  You will never cease to be amazed by the Glory of the Godhead.  We ask that you support your spouse especially.  Be a friend to those who are just beginning.

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